Life Lessons in the Coffee Aisle

Here was my dilemma in the grocery store this morning. I had to buy coffee for myself – I can only drink decaf in order to avoid terrible headaches. I have in my hand some fair trade decaf ground coffee, yet I see that Nescafé instant is less than half price of what I’m holding in my hand….

Walking the tightrope

Starting a business in January just after the expense of Christmas is crazy. Just sayin’! It’s like starting to walk along a tightrope, while juggling plates, and a gale is already blowing. Sure enough a few gusts have caught us off guard, making us wobble a little. Tim is using our old family car, a Dodge…

Under God’s Spotlight

The other day some dear friends of ours moved across the world, on their way from the UK to South Africa. That day, on my one day off in the week, I scrubbed mould off the ceiling and walls of our bathroom. Cleaning is one of my least favourite things to be doing. I couldn’t…

Make the most of it Monday

British chocolate arrived in the post this morning. Belated Easter chocolate from the Bicknell side of the family. It’s hard to resist the urge to gobble it all up at once instead of making it last. I’ve thought a lot about our friends today while I’ve been sitting at work cutting out crafts for story-time….