The Day After Valentine’s Day

Since I woke up on Valentine’s morning in a less than romantic mood, and my long-suffering husband and I didn’t even mention Valentine’s Day until after work, I thought it best to leave the lovey-dovey posts to others yesterday. Valentine’s Day is often not the most romantic day of the year – for us anyway….

Palaces, Concert Halls or Out in the Fields

When I was a little girl, I went through a stage of wanting to be famous. I wanted to be a TV presenter. I wanted to be noticed. I don’t know where this ambition came from. It’s clearly not a dream that came true. I was asked to read a story in our Church family’s…

Not So Perfect

This is not a book review. I finished reading My (not so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella a couple of days ago. Occasionally when I’m reading I like a bit of chick lit, as I often go for quite serious historical fiction. It’s a bit of light relief. Anyway, I’m not going to tell you…

Surprised by justice

There’s nothing I like more than a surprise party, but I am a terrible person to surprise – just ask my husband. Before a birthday I’ll try to work out every scenario that may have been planned, let my imagination take flight and end up disappointed with what actually does happen. It’s a flaw in my character….

Under the Influence

The ‘Time 100 Most Influential’ caught my eye last week. Among the world leaders, politicians, religious leaders, movie, pop and sports stars, writers and scientists a couple of stories caught my attention. Withelma ‘T’ Ortiz Walker Pettigrew lived in foster care in the US for years and for 7 of those she was victimized by…