The Day After Valentine’s Day

Since I woke up on Valentine’s morning in a less than romantic mood, and my long-suffering husband and I didn’t even mention Valentine’s Day until after work, I thought it best to leave the lovey-dovey posts to others yesterday. Valentine’s Day is often not the most romantic day of the year – for us anyway….

Almond Croissant Weekend

There are times when making daily meals is downright boring, but then others when I love it. When I enjoy it most is when we have friends and guests over. I think it’s because there’s an excuse to be a little more creative than usual…and I’ve planned much better. This weekend we had friends to…

M’hanncha: Moroccan Snake Cake

Friends and food are what Saturday nights are made for and often, through our own lack of planning, we end up with a lack of either. If Tim isn’t working he has a to do list for the day – loving to cross things out as he goes or if he does something not on…

Make the most of it Monday

British chocolate arrived in the post this morning. Belated Easter chocolate from the Bicknell side of the family. It’s hard to resist the urge to gobble it all up at once instead of making it last. I’ve thought a lot about our friends today while I’ve been sitting at work cutting out crafts for story-time….