Once I was anorexic and my life was lived around avoiding food, now I love baking, and indeed all types of cooking. More than that, I enjoy having people in my kitchen and around our dining table. It’s the place to make friends and talk about all the stuff of life.

Back in 2010 I moved, along with my husband and four children, to Canada. It’s a continuing adventure and one I’ve blogged on and off about. I had a blog called ‘Adventures in Canada’, but wanted to broaden the subject matter hence starting this one. Emma’s English Kitchen is the name I gave to my baking and sewing business at my brief appearances at Fredericton’s Christmas at the Market. It caught on so here I am.

There’ll be some news, some reflections on life, a bit about baking and sewing too. I’ll probably mention Jesus a fair bit. He’s the one who turned my life around after all. He deserves all the credit.

I live along with my family in New Brunswick and we are part of Christ Central Church Fredericton.

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