No Dishwasher, More Relationship

This isn’t really a ‘Taste It Tuesday’, more of an ‘In-the-kitchen Tuesday’. A little thought for the day.

For almost a year we have been without a dishwasher. It’s inconvenient. It means it takes longer to clear up after baking and meals. It’s a chore.

Instead of rushing to replace the dishwasher when it broke as we would have done in previous years, we couldn’t really justify or even find the money for it so decided to leave it with God. If He wanted to provide us with a dishwasher He would. So far no dishwasher.

It is a luxury after all.

Considering this, I’m kind of grateful. Last September Gemma moved into the spare room in our house. She moved over from the UK for a couple of years to lead and establish Kids Club in the city. Over dinner and washing up we’ve all had many a conversation together. We’ve concocted plans. We’ve listened (and danced) to The Greatest Showman soundtrack a fair few times. We’ve had plenty of laughs. Even our youngest has been known to join in the fun in the kitchen (an achievement). We’ve bonded over washing up.

On a night like tonight when I washed up alone, I missed it.

In a world where we can rush on to the next thing, and the next thing can so often be alone in front of a screen, it’s important to cultivate time together to talk and build relationships. It’s essential for our mental health. Even if it does involve washing up (many) dishes by hand.

Andy Crouch kind of encapsulates what I’m trying to say in a quote from his book, The Tech-Wise Family:

“We are meant to live this kind of life together: the kind of life that, in the end, is completely dependent upon one another; the kind of life that ultimately transcends, and does not need, the easy solutions of technology because it is caught up in something more true and more lasting than any alchemy our technological world can invent.” (p204, The Tech-Wise Family ©2017 Baker Books)

I hope I haven’t taken this too out of context.

All that said, I will be thankful for a new dishwasher whenever it comes…It doesn’t have to come yet, but when it does we’ll be able to spend even longer chatting at the dinner table. It’s a win, win situation.

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