Stay Dry, Get Wet

We’re waiting for the rain. The smell of it is in the air. A deluge is predicted for later on tonight until Sunday morning. I know about it. Everybody knows about it. Canadians are good at preparing for any little bit of weather that comes our way. At the library we’ve cleared away things from our leaky windows. People are ‘battening down the hatches’ and wondering whether the flooding will get any worse in the next few hours.

In preparation I’ve done everything I can to get as much done today as possible so I don’t have to venture out tomorrow. Any excuse to curl up with a book…or maybe help my husband with the decorating, or clean the house. Anything but going out in the torrential downpour. There’s always something I forget though, and I have. Cilantro, ginger and garlic for curry tomorrow evening. How could I?

In all my driving about today I’ve thought about this preparation for a storm. When rain is coming, we’re all about keeping as dry as we can – keeping the rain out. How different when we talk about expecting a move of the Holy Spirit, revival, then it’s all about how we can get as wet as possible. Getting ready for that storm is about how we can be ready to help that living water pour into our thirsty cities, towns and neighbourhoods. Flooding expected. I get excited at this prospect.

Let it rain.

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