A Birthday Wish for October

Like L M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, ‘I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers’. It’s full of colour. The crazy busy-ness of September is done (it’s just normal-busy), the humidity is gone, apples are ripe for picking, veggies are harvested, beautiful just-right-sunny-blue-sky-days, walks among the flame coloured trees, and cool nights to get cozy and read a book. There’s a bit of rain here and there, but I’m romanticizing here, so let’s not dwell on that too much.


This is October. Time for making pies and anything that pumpkin pie spice can be put into – lattes, cookies, roulades, cheesecakes. Comfort food…and thanksgiving weekend coming up which always feels to me like a rehearsal for Christmas.

Apparently, the most popular date to be born in the year is October 5, in the US anyway. I googled it because this month is packed with birthdays including my own. Here lies the true reason for my love of October maybe. There are only two dates during this month when there isn’t a birthday of someone I know and many dates are shared by a few. Tracking the months back the glut of birthdays have a lot to do with New Year’s Eve celebrations and cold winter nights…

My birthday is smack bang in the middle of the month. Everything hinges on that date of course. I am the queen of unreasonable and unrealistic expectations when it comes to birthdays. For everyone’s sake, and particularly my husband’s, I’m trying to be better this year. I’ve come to realize it’s not being the centre of attention I like about a birthday party of any sort at all, but just being with a bunch of friends. It doesn’t even have to be big, honest.

(That maybe the most shameless hint ever.)

My parents are over for a visit from the UK so I’ve been forced to pause and take some time to get out and enjoy the autumn weather with them. It’s no bad thing. Summer disappeared in a flash this year, and we didn’t do half the things we usually do. I feel the need to make the most of these last warm-ish days before winter hits us. We’re willing the trees to change to their full glory so Mum and Dad can enjoy the colours and kick the leaves a bit. It is happening, slowly. Mum gets to celebrate her birthday here with us in just a few days too. I get to make her birthday cake for the first time in years.

All that remains for me to say for now is a Happy birthday to anyone who shares this most wonderful of birthday months – may it be accompanied by friends, laughter and a good slice of cake.

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  1. Sue Shaw says:

    I am another October birthday! The 11th. I agree, it is such a good month for a birthday. Beautiful colours, tinge of warmth on days. It is a month that hugs you lovingly!

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