31 Days, 31 Posts – Done!

I can’t believe I’m here. May 31 – the last day of a post a day in May. For once a challenge I will have completed at the end of this post. It’s rare, really rare.

After all these posts I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned the crazy squirrels in our garden. They must be nesting somewhere up in the trees as they’ve been collecting ‘stuff’. We have a few wood piles dotted around the yard and a few squirrels made it their mission to strip the bark off the logs to carry up to the top of the trees. Mostly they just took small strips, along with a few leaves which would flutter down as they scampered up the trunk. About a week ago one tried to pull a long, long strip off.


It got it bundled into a big ball to carry still trying to detach it all from the log, tugging and pulling for about five minutes…

IMG_3144…and then was scared off by a cat prowling around! The kids tried to help by pulling the last bit off so one of the squirrels would come and collect it, but none ever did. They didn’t like the help.

At times life is like that. A lot of effort can be spent on doing something, even something we’re supposed to be doing, then some sort of discouragement comes along and we run away and abandon the project. At times I’m like that with writing. I get an idea, start to work on it and then for some reason or other, I’ll abandon it. This month forced me to tug at the bark until I had something to take up the tree. Even the smallest idea or thought had to be turned into a post, by or around midnight each night!

So thank you for reading. I hope the posts have been worth the few minutes in your day to read, have encouraged you or made you think or even laugh. I aim to continue more frequently than before May, but not as frequently as in May – for my own and my family’s sanity.

I have to finish by mentioning that today we’ve been helping at a Kidz Klub event at Christ Central Church in Fredericton with a whole bunch of people from Sheffield, UK. It’s been a blast – tiring, but fantastic fun. At lunch time we went to Odell Park for a picnic with the kids, team and families, loving the glorious sunshine. We were talking about differences between the UK and Canada, and Tim happened to mention that the phone booth in the park here had a phone book attached to it that never got vandalized or stolen. The Brits had to see this to be believed. So here’s proof…

Terry and Julie phone home

…and, at last, I think Summer may be here.

Also, as a post script to yesterdays post, the improvised superhero costume was a winner! Meet Ice Girl.



Can you tell how reluctant I am to finish this last post in May?! I really am done now. Good night, one and all.


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  1. lindahors says:

    Emma! You did it! it’s been a great 31-day “Julie/Julia Project” journey! I applaud your tenacity. Thank you so much for your thoughts and insights – I’m thankful you’ll continue to blog (although not every day) because what you have to say is well worth the read … and pondering. Thanks, again, Emma and well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. emmskitchen says:

      Thanks Linda for all your comments and encouragement.


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