Just gardening…

Fredericton is a pretty city, but on a warm and sunny day in late spring it goes up another level. Downtown comes alive in the warm evenings with people milling around or walking, cycling and running on the trail, while the sunshine still dances on the water. Today was such a day – and the black fly and mosquito are not attacking yet which makes it all the better.

What’s more is that I had a whole day off to myself. No appointments to get to or grocery shopping to be done during the school day. A few years ago when the children were small I dreamed of days like this – how quickly they’ve come around. There are times when I mind not having any company, but others when it is good to just take a breath.

Having faith that last night’s frost was the last one (!) I went ahead and soaked up the sun while sorting out the vegetable garden, talking to myself and the dog like some mad person about where I should put what this year. After all that digging in of compost and manure over the last few weeks it felt good to be planting at long last. I get excited about growing my own food.

So here it is. Week One of the Bicknell vegetable garden 2014…not much to see yet and still more space to fill. Please, please let there be no more frost!

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