A journey in space and time

Home magazines often have articles about making the most of small spaces. Our guests, Terry and Julie, who happen to be my brother-in-law Paul’s parents, were telling us that when they were ordering their kitchen from Ikea there was a buy two get one free deal on appliances. They thought they only had room for two in their small kitchen, but the person planning showed them where they could fit the third, a dishwasher – and there was a perfect space for it.

It’a bit like that with my time. I wondered how I would find the space in my life to sit down and write something every single day. I get a bit jumpy when it gets to ten o clock in the evening, like tonight, and I still haven’t written a single word, but I’ve found I can do it. My late evenings are so much more than sitting in front of the TV and falling asleep…now my head nods while writing a post…actually, I have only drifted off while writing once this month. Another side effect is that I’m better with using social media – far more targeted and less likely to lose an hour of the day on it. I know I’ve got to use the hours in the day better.

Don’t get me wrong, time to relax is important. I’m not going to give up drinking a glass of wine and watching a good TV series or film all together, and I’ll always make time to read. (And some nights I drink wine and write a post.) However, my evenings are just part of making space. If I can find that time to write a blog post, I can be intentional about making time for building friendships and relationships. Making time just to be available.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s easy to fill time rather than putting it to good use – and making conscious small changes, planning a bit to make time, makes a big difference. It’s the same for each and every busy person, if we really want to do something, we find the time.

Having said all this about making space, we have had a dilemma of another kind tonight…there is no way that my eldest daughter’s sleeping bag will fit in her rucksack for her camping trip tomorrow. In fact if she is to fit everything on the list that she needs to take she needs a tardis-like* bag.

*Tardis = a fictional time machine from the British TV series Doctor Who – small on the outside, bigger on the inside.

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