The Grace Space

Space is something we have got here in abundance. The open road and miles upon square miles of forests between each town. Barely ever a traffic jam. If told that it will take x amount of hours to get from here to there, thats exactly how long it takes, unless it’s the middle of a winter snow storm, but, hey, we can’t have everything!

I just need some space. Most of us yearn for it, plan an escape to the country, the coast, the park, our own room; space to think, space to breathe. Space to move without having to deal with other humans invading for a few minutes, hours or days. Space to regain some peace.

In fact, society punishes people for crime by keeping them in a confined space that isn’t their own, taking away their freedom to move around in the world.

Yet, it’s possible to have all the space in the world and not feel free. To do as we please and to feel trapped. Instead of freedom, emptiness. The issue is in the heart, a brokenness which we can’t fix ourselves. Each of us born with the need, whether we know it or even acknowledge it or not, for reconciliation with God. A restlessness that can only find peace, space and freedom in the forgiveness of a saviour. A relationship initiated by a loving God, not earned by adherence to a set of rules.

This is grace.

Giving us freedom from sin and guilt, from fear, even from death. It moves us from being self-centred to Christ-centred and that changes everything.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36 ESV)

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