The end of the school year is fast approaching which means that all of the young people in our house have projects, essays and presentations to do. I feel like I’m expected to be a walking encyclopedia, come Math expert (elementary level), come artistic adviser, come general sounding board. I keep telling them all that I don’t know everything and to go and look up the information, but that doesn’t stop the questions.

I’m so glad I recently read the book and watched the film The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. It helps when being asked to give ideas for a German woman’s diary entries. Thankfully Phoebe had read the book too and was able to pitch in some ideas for her sister. I knew there was a good reason to watch all those war time films and dramas and for reading all those historical novels. It comes in handy, for history anyway. I’m pretty useless for Pre-calculus and French.

Still, if I’m asked another question tonight I may go and hide somewhere. Usually I’m more enthusiastic than my kids are and like to help, but my brain is on overload, and to be fair their brains are probably more so. The last few weeks of school are intense.

Maybe I’ll watch a movie to relax…but then I’ll have Tim asking me what’s going on or who that person is or why are they doing that? I don’t know. I didn’t write the screenplay!

If you need me I’ll be the one curled up with a book…I’ll be ready for more questions tomorrow.

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