Kindred Spirits

A younger version of myself, enchanted with Anne of Green Gables, would find the tiny dot of Prince Edward Island on a globe and think to myself, I want to go there. I dreamed of red dirt roads, Green Gables, lakes of shining waters…and my very own Gilbert Blythe. These days there are many Lucy Maud Montgomery and ‘Anne’ attractions on the island. I wonder if L.M. Montgomery had any idea that her books would inspire so many visitors from all over the world to the smallest province in Canada.

Our reasons to visit here are very different to my dreamy girlhood days. When we come here we meet up with friends…or ‘kindred spirits’ should I say. The bonus is that we get to see all the beautiful places on the island too. For the smallest province, there’s a fair bit of distance to cover.

As it happened today we travelled to Green Gables Shore. The men were out for breakfast so all of us girls from both families…and Matthew, the Dreises’ youngest son…went to find the red cliffs near Cavendish. We took a few wrong turns, and by a few I mean many, before we found the right spot. Turns out it is right next to Cavendish beach where we’ve all been many times. We clambered across rocks and enjoyed the warm sunshine, some daring to put their toes into the icily cold, but clear water.



After a while here we got lost further trying to find a lighthouse that appeared in the Anne of Green Gables film. We didn’t find it, as the road was closed that we needed to travel on. Frustrating, but a pretty drive.

There are interesting things to see along the way – rolling hills, fields, pretty houses…five tractors lined up in the Tim Horton’s drive through and huge potato farming machines. We got stuck behind a Spudnik monster almost the width of the road at one point.

Later on, all back together, we headed to another beach busy with lots of Chinese families clam digging. They filled buckets up to the brim, while our girls wandered out towards the ocean.


The day ended with an attempt at a camp fire in the yard. The wood was so damp the fire couldn’t get started, even using a leaf blower to try and boost the flames didn’t work. No roasted marshmallows tonight.

No matter. What I love about Prince Edward Island the most is not the Anne stuff or the great beaches, though both are fab, it’s that we have true friends here to relax with, talk with, laugh with, pray with. Even when the day doesn’t go exactly as planned, we’re still having fun together. I think that’s a measure of good friendship. It’s a gift and something to make the most of.

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