Wading through treacle…and other stuff

Frustratingly for all around me, I have never been one to be able to have a lazy morning. I’m an early riser, feeling like I have to get going on the day, some self-imposed work ethic driving me on. It has it’s good points, but on occasion I do envy those whose conscience doesn’t trouble them when they do this. I’ve heard rumours that some people take children to school and then go home and back to bed sometimes…I have to be really sick to do that.

When I have a day off there’s always a list of things to do. I can’t be perceived to be being lazy, after all everyone else is at work or school. I had zero motivation, and wanted to curl up in a ball on the sofa rather than doing anything else. Instead I made bread, hung washing, vacuumed, went out for groceries and wandered pretty aimlessly round the aisles, all the time feeling like I was wading through treacle. I even stared into space for a while trying to summon up the enthusiasm to carry on.

By 4pm I gave in, sat down, read a book and dozed for an hour. When I got up the treacly feeling had gone. A miracle! All I needed was a break. Imagine how much better things would have gone if I’d allowed myself rest at the beginning of the day. Foolish!

Despite all this an amusing thing happened this afternoon. Youngest daughter and I were packing up her winter clothes and getting out summer clothes when we heard a truck and lots of noise going on outside. I said, ‘What’s that truck doing out there?’ At which point we heard a bubbling, gurgling, running water noise, ran to the bathroom to see the toilet had become a fountain. In fact, both toilets were spraying water everywhere. Lovely…and too late to get near to put down the lid. It had answered the question though. Truck and men outside were unblocking the sewers with some pretty powerful equipment evidently.

Never a dull moment…

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