Cake, Cardboard and Superheroes

I think it was Sam’s fifth birthday when I last drew a superhero logo of any kind – for a spiderman cake. A horrible amount of red food colouring was used in the butter icing to make it spiderman red and black ‘shoelace’ candy for the web. My cake decorating skills were pretty basic at that point.

I’m not a great big fan of Spiderman, graphic fiction or superhero films/TV series (unless an actor I like is in the film). I’d rather read a good old-fashioned book or watch a costume drama, but superhero books and films are more popular now than they have ever been. I guess there’s always a fascination for these extraordinary, superhuman characters. To me Spiderman in particular always seemed to be in the middle of some struggle or other with himself and his identity. Too navel gazing. Couldn’t he just get over it and get on with being a superhero?! I haven’t watched the most recent films so I can’t comment on Hollywood’s latest reinvention of the character.

In a couple of weeks time a team from City Church, Sheffield, UK, are coming to run a Kidz Club event here with our church. The theme is ‘superheroes’ so tonight me and the girls helped to paint some decorations for the hall. No cakes involved, but a lot of cardboard and dollar store paint.


We’re looking forward to having some guests stay with us for the Kidz Club week – my brother-in-law’s parents as it happens. Some Yorkshire Tea Decaf teabags may even make it over with them, I hope, as I have run out of my supply! It will be great to see them and to be involved with the whole event. It’s been a few years since we helped to run Kidz Club in Worthing which involved a lot of music, games, messy fun, funny characters, worship, teaching and a ton of sweets/candy.

Of course, the purpose of all this is to see our kids have a great time and get to know the one, true superhero, who doesn’t have an identity crisis – Jesus.

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