The green, green grass of home

Green grass.

After a winter of monochrome, colour is so welcome and the grass has come to life at last. I noticed it everywhere I went today. To top it off as I walked in the door back from work a few moments ago I could hear Spring Peepers singing. Little nocturnal frogs celebrating spring. They do actually spend the winter with most of their body frozen, so they do have a lot to be happy about in the warmer weather. They are the soundtrack of every spring and summer evening here.

The soundtrack to mornings in the not too distant future will be the sound of lawnmowers. It’s not unusual in the summer months for the mowing to start at 6 or 7am. In winter it’s snowblowers, in summer mowers. It’s all men and machines…

My little thought for today’s blog is not mine at all, but Tim’s. Anyone who knows my husband will know he has lots of quips and quotes up his sleeve. One of his favourite ones is, ‘The grass is greener on the other side, but it still needs mowing.’ It seemed apt for today, though the grass here won’t be ready to mow for a few weeks.

It’s so easy to look at what others are doing or what they have and become restless. I’ve done it over and over again. ‘If I had that money, could do that job, lived there…imagine what I could do, wouldn’t it be great?’ The fact is whoever you are and whatever you do, life still takes work. I’ve found that the person whose life seems perfect is often facing the same kind of challenges as I am. Sometimes worse.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is good to learn to be content…

I’d write more today, but I am a bit tired. The evening shift always wipes me out and makes me a bit useless. My brain is ceasing to function effectively as each second goes by.

However, I do want to say thank you for reading my ‘blog a day in May’. I’ve made it through the first week! I hope you can stick with me for a few more.

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