The unexpected…and other news

It’s a little known fact, or maybe a very well known fact to those who know me well, that nine years ago I took part in a life swap for television. I went to London to take the job of a Director of a PR company (in a very television kind of way) for a week and she came to Lancing to be a Mum. Tim was not impressed when I volunteered myself for this because it meant there were people with cameras in our house and pointed at him as well. He’s not a fan, whereas I love it. I don’t know why. Not so much a fan of watching myself back, but I loved the whole process of being part of making the programme. Even having to do the same thing over and over sometimes.

On Monday this week I was in Sobeys, I got a phone call from Sally in the church office. I was heading there after doing the food shopping so said I’d pop in to speak to her. I thought she needed to speak to me about hosting some guests or something like that. The last thing I expected her to say was that a reporter was looking for someone British to speak about living in Britain during the Thatcher years. Sally thought of me (Sally is British too, but too young to remember much about the Iron Lady whereas I’m that little bit older). Very thankfully, I had listened to BBC radio earlier in the morning and heard the news that she had died. As a result I’d had time to process a few thoughts. So, very bizarrely, I ended up being the British voice remembering Margaret Thatcher for CTV news in the Maritimes. Now that is something I never thought I’d have to do. Immediately after the interview I consumed all of the rest of my Easter chocolate. Maybe I’d been more nervous than I thought.


Robins are a sign of spring here. In Britain they’re a sign of winter. Funny. I have seen many robins this week. There is hope that the chill of winter is almost past. For British readers, American Robins are blackbird or thrush sized birds, not at all like delicate European Robins, but named after them because of their reddy-orange breast. Even when a little snow was falling a few mornings ago the sound of bird calls was deafening. They seemed to be defying the elements and cheering on the coming of warmer weather.

Enough about weather.

We love the change in season though. Tim is back working on roofs, longer evenings mean our eldest is getting out to practice his driving and the girls like to be outside more. My theory is less screen time, more fresh air, makes happier family. Training at camp even starts for aforementioned eldest this coming weekend. The pace for the year picks up once again.

Talking of pace, I used to run a lot. I am so out of the habit now. A few foot injuries and problems have prevented me from getting back into it for any length of time. It’s frustrating. I don’t like the thought of that exercise but it does me so much good – body and mind. When I’m running I think and pray…and try my best not to think about the pain of running! I used to run with Worthing Running Sisters on a Monday and that got me going for the week. On Saturday mornings in Lancing, I used to go for a long run, return via the newsagent for a good Saturday newspaper, co-op for some orange juice and baguette and get back just as everyone else got out of bed. It sounds so good, and it was most of the time, but there were times when I pushed myself too hard and ended up having to walk back miles or when I ended up having a headache for the rest of the day, or the worst thing I’d do that long run and find that the newsagent didn’t have the papers in yet. Scandalous! Still, I may have to attempt running again or just get my bike spruced up for spring. My exercise efforts in the last three years have been patchy, and mainly consist of Wii Zumba. Whatever it takes I have to get out there.

Something I have done is get the sewing machine out again. Inspired by the coming of spring and one of the contestants, Tilly, on the Great British Sewing Bee, I’m making a Picnic Blanket Skirt for the spring. If you’re interested she does a great sewing blog, the skirt I’m making can be found here. So far it’s going fairly well, but I have the button holes to do which I’m very good at messing up. I’ll post a picture of the finished result in a day or two.

That’s all the news. We’re looking forward to a great weekend spent with leaders from churches across Canada and the UK who are all here in Fredericton for a mini-conference. Exciting times. After this week, I’m expecting the unexpected.

(You may have noticed I have learned how to hyperlink, hope I didn’t get too carried away!)

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  1. GeoffC says:

    Isn’t Tilly one of the two contestants to be shown the door at the end of this week’s The Great British Sewing Bee?
    Perhaps interestingly Em, during my National Service I was involved in RAF Technical Training Command’s annual Arts and Crafts Competition and the dressmaking prize was won each year by a sergeant (male).
    And later, an employee of ours (female) took coats etc., she bought to pieces so that she could cut and machine additional copies – before putting the original back together.

    PS. Now that your are ensured fame as a TV personality can I have a signed photo please?


    1. emmskitchen says:

      Yes, Tilly did indeed get shown the door, she made the last task more difficult for herself by using her own pattern. However, I do like her website as I share her taste for vintage style clothes.


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