Welcome to my English kitchen…in Canada!

In our house the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home. In every house we’ve owned, when we used to live in England and now in Canada, most people whether family or friends tend to gather in the kitchen. I remember one party where 40 plus people were crushed into the kitchen while the rest of the house was empty. In my seventeen years as a Mum (yikes!) I’ve spent a good deal of time in this part of the house.

So, is this blog about food? The answer is yes and no. It’s no coincidence that I love to bake and ‘Emma’s English Kitchen’ is the name of the business I’m trying to set up, but I’ve been wanting to have space to scribble my random and not so random thoughts for a while. On our move to Canada I started a blog called, ‘Adventures in Canada’, some of you may have read it and gently reminded me that I haven’t updated it for a long while. It was great to do, but restricted me to talking about what we’d been doing when I’d love to have the chance to talk about other things as well.

Yesterday we celebrated three years in Canada, so it seemed timely for me to launch a new blog. Hopefully it will be filled with delicious food, fun and things to think about as well as a good dose of Bicknell family news.

I’ll be delighted if you decide to join me here.

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  1. EbenezerStone says:

    It was well said Emma! It was well said, indeed!


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